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IED was formed to increase the competitiveness of independent electrical distributors in Canada. Today we collectively represent over 140 branches and close to 20% of the market for Canadian electrical distributors. We are a force in our markets and negotiate on your behalf to make you competitive on a national scale. We also create several different marketing initiatives to improve your ability to compete in your local market. A summary of marketing and other activities are shown below:


  • I.E.D. uses its Marketing Activity Reward program (MAR) to provide incentives IED distributors for completing marketing activities with or on behalf of our approved suppliers. Members benefit financially from the MAR (paid quarterly) as well as through the increased sales generated from these activities. IED is marketing and our members find many innovative ways to attract customers.
  • I.E.D. Rewards is a customer based rewards program. Customers earn points for the sale of selected supplier’s products. The program is operated through a not for profit corporation where all costs are marketing or rewards based. Results of this program are significant increased growth levels for our members.
  • Promotional marketing funds management.
  • I.E.D specific supplier promotional programs.

National Accounts

  • I.E.D. provides our members with a consistent platform of geographically dispersed entrepreneurial branches coast to coast. Our experience indicates that National Account customers have a preference being serviced through owner operated businesses. I.E.D. creates a mechanism and a consistency to give the National Account customers exactly what they want, entrepreneurial service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Purchasing Benefits

  • Bulk buys, providing additional profitability to the participants.
  • Excellent payment terms.

Management Benefits

  • Networking meetings.
  • Liaison meetings to keep you up to date on the opportunities and challenges within the partnership.
  • Suppliers Conference—Two solid days of management to management meetings with suppliers.
  • Annual General Meeting—a fun get together and presentation of our annual audited financial results.
  • January Members Meeting—to clarify opportunities created by our negotiations team.
  • Executive Training Seminars—the I.E.D. General Partner Training series brings in top speakers on current topics all at no cost to you.

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