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New Supplier Process
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Thank you for your interest in joining IED as an approved supplier. To become an approved supplier there are 10 distinct steps we follow if you are successful;

  1. Formal application
  2. Confirm that you have met the minimum criteria :
    • $75,000 in current sales to IED members
    • Currently sell to a minimum of 5 IED members
    • Generate a minimum rebate level of $5,000
  3. Submit a business plan for the first two years to include:
    • Your competitors
    • The size of the market you serve in Canada
    • Your rough market share
    • Current distribution
    • Anticipated volume in the first three years if approved
    • Shipment fill rates
    • Sales coverage throughout Canada by region including the length of service of agents
    • Size and credit worthiness of company (we are looking for order of magnitude not for you to disclose confidential information)
    • Is the company owned by the manufacturer or a master agent
    • Distribution strategy:
      • direct sales policy
      • points of distribution for products
      • Order is placed where
    • Expected sales per branch and correlation to total sales (i.e. with a $5M branch
      how much typical product would be sold on average)
  4. Review of application by the New Suppliers Committee
  5. Approval for a presentation to New Suppliers Committee Meeting (see events)
  6. Recommendation to be reviewed by the negotiating committee
  7. Submission of rebate proposal
  8. Acceptance by negotiating committee (basically you are in)
  9. Formal approval by the IED membership early January
  10. Presentation at all Members meeting in January on your company's capabilities

The first step for you is to focus on your new supplier committee. The members of this committee are:

  • Wilf Dykstra, Del's Distributors
  • Christian Grenier, Electrimat Ltée
  • Franco Esposito, ESPO Electrical Supply Inc.
  • Tammy Kirby, Gimpel Electric Supply Ltd.
  • Mike Brennan, House of Electrical Supplies Ltd.
  • Ann McLoughlan, McLoughlan Supplies Ltd.
  • Cosimo Amato, Paul Wolf Electric & Lighting
  • Tim Kennedy, Source Atlantic
  • John Meko, Western Equipment Ltd.

This committee will be determining whether you are to be recommended to the negotiating committee or not. If you have any issues regarding IED please contact us directly.